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Top Quality Staining Services in Melbourne are hard to find as they tend to be a common source of customer complaints. Although the concept or idea of staining might seem simple, it requires quite the skill-set and knowledge to be performed correctly.

services-stainingSo what exactly is staining? While stain is a liquid that contains a pigment which soaks into the wood, the act of staining is a premium method to strengthen or change the natural colour of your hardwood floors.

Why should you leave staining to the professionals? Floor staining requires challenging work. The finished appearance of wood will depend on these three main factors:

  1. The Species of Wood
  2. Amount of Stain Applied
  3. Quality of Sanding

These are only three out of many variables that can make staining go wrong, and when it does go wrong, the only solution is to re-sand the entire floor and start from the beginning. When a floor is stained right, it should have a beautiful even colour with a depth of it. You will notice if the staining job is done poorly if your floor results looking patchy and dull. You should also be aware that if the sanding were done poorly, the staining would highlight the mistakes.

staining samplesContractors apply stain in many different ways. Some use rags, while others use other kinds of applicators. Nevertheless, the stain should be applied uniformly in the direction of the grain. Too much or too little stain can cause problems. Too little can result in blotching and unevenness. Too much stain can cause bleed back. Once the stain is evenly applied, it should be wiped off immediately. The easiest way to handle this is to have people doing the job simultaneously (while one is applying, the other one is wiping it off).

Take a look at CQ Flooring's Favourite Timber Stain Brand

feast watson stain

Feast Watson Timber Stains allows the full clarity of the timber grain to show through after staining.

feat watson colours

staining colours

Tip: always test the colours on the actual floor before deciding!

At CQ Flooring, we like to educate our customers with accurate facts to create the ultimate flooring experience! For example, there are a lot who do not know the difference between stain and finish. Both methods can be used to change the colour of your floor, but only staining will accentuate your floor's characteristics such as the grain, pattern, and texture. Ask us for more advice by either filling out the inquiry form below, giving us a call, or sending us an email!

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