Sanding and Polishing a timber floor

Dependable Timber Floor Sanding Services In Melbourne

CQ Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is your professional choice for your next home investment. Regain the original look of your hardwood floors with our reliable and dependable floor sanding team!

Having had over ten years of experience in Melbourne floor sanding, we make sure that the beauty that your floor once had is restored to its former glory. Our services include making sure all the right and essential steps are taken place to ensure your floor last a lifetime. More than 70% of the floor restoring process involves sanding, however; many are unaware of the other 70%. From flooring preparation to choosing the right grit sequence, our trained and certified installers are fully aware that every single step of the sanding process is crucial and will affect the overall outcome.

CQ Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

The quality of the sanding outcome can only be determined by depending on three main factors: skill, knowledge, and tools. Because we believe in providing the ultimate customer experience, our company only uses the best machines and materials offered in the market. Hiring the right sanders might not be as easy as it looks! Every floor is different.  We always have to be careful not to sand off too much floor. Doing this will ultimately decrease the overall life and leave little to nothing the next sanding. This is why we understand the responsibility and hard work it takes to protect our customer's investment.  By choosing us, you will be choosing a team of professionals that will be able to work according to your floor's specifications.

Equipment We Use

Sander 8" Lagler Hummel Belt

Sander 8" Lagler Hummel BeltThe Hummel is the sander that all other floor sanders are measured against. It is quite simply the gold standard of floor sanding.

Clarke Super 7R Edger

Clarke Super 7R EdgerThis high-speed edger is as technologically advanced as an edger can get. Used to sand the edges and sides of the floor, the 7R is one of the most reliable sanders money can buy.

Festool ETS 125 Random Orbital Sander

Festool ETS 125 Random Orbital SanderDon't be fooled by the size of this sander, it is a true workhorse. There is no better tool for intricate sanding work. The orbital sander will refine any small scratches that the belt sander has left behind.

Clarke Commercial Backpack Vacuum this backpack vacuum will get rid of dust while ensuring that the freshly finished floor is not needlessly scratched.

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