Reliable Hardwood Flooring Repairs

CQ Floor Sanding has been repairing hardwood floors in Melbourne and nearby areas for more than ten years. We are always at the front of technology using new products and new techniques to achieve repairs like never before. From surface damage to structural damage and everything in between, our services range from:

  • Replacing Damaged, Split & Missing Floorboards
  • Replacing Old Tongue-and-Groove Boards
  • Replacing Click Boards
  • Securing Loose Boards
  • Re-nailing Loose Flooring
  • Re-finishing a Timber Floor that has Faded Due to Sunlight, Traffic, or other Wear
  • Repairing Flood and Water Damages
  • ...and much more!

hardwood floor scratchesScratches

Any type of wooden floor is subject to scratches and other surface damages during its lifetime. Restoring the look of a scratched wood floor can be relatively easy, but this just depends on the severity of the scratch. Before assuming anything, let our professionals assess the damage first. Better to be safe than choosing the wrong finish that is not compatible to your floor, or sanding against the grain that will result in even deeper scratches!

Water Damages

The most common hardwood floor-related repairs CQ Flooring deals with are water damages. Having water on your floor will not ruin it entirely as long as it has been cleaned up right away. However, prolonged exposure to water will cause the wood to rot and deteriorate. If the damages and the stains are deep enough, it will require repair that needs beyond sanding, such as replacing the entire floor.

Expansion & Contraction

One problem that is inevitable is expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature and humidity in the room. Wood naturally expands in the presence of moisture and contracts in the absence of moisture. Expansion and contraction in hardwood floors can appear in a few different ways such as cracking between boards, cupping, crowning, and buckling.

floor expansion
Cupping is when the edges of a board are high, and its centre is lower. The moisture causes the wood to swell, putting pressure on the boards against each other and deforming the edges. Crowning is the opposite of cupping. It occurs when the middle of the board is higher than the sides of the board. Buckling is when the floor pulls away from the sub-floor.

crowningWhy should you choose CQ Floor Sanding?

We only hire the best of the best! Our skilled professionals have the experience and excellent attention to detail that is needed to carry out expert hardwood flooring repairs! Because we are committed to excellence, we diagnose every flooring repair that is requested, and we come up with the best solution at affordable prices.

Choose CQ Flooring for the best solutions and bring your floors back to life!

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