Timber Floor Polishing Services in Melbourne

Unsure between water-based and solvent-based polyurethane? Which finish is the best for your floor? Get CQ Flooring's personalised customer service by asking our trained professionals the difference between the products we use. Make smart choices by educating yourself what the benefits and disadvantages that each type of finish will leave according to your floor's specifications!

polishingWater-based finish is the most environmentally friendly choice. It is dries quickly and it is odourless. While on the other hand, solvent-based polyurethanes provides a harder result with excellent resistance to moisture and scratches. Both types are equally popular but the biggest differences rely on appearance as water-based prevent yellowing.

A high-quality floor finish is essential in order to enhance the natural beauty of your floor. It will also provide protection. This is why our polishing process is carried out with great care. WE only hire the best of the best as it requires continuous and meticulous hand-work. Attention to detail is our priority! We make sure all of the projects we carry out are well equipped with first-class machines and incomparable products.

CQ Flooring's Favourite Tools

Handley Coatings

Handley CoatingsThis brand brings out unique quality edges. We are able to use this product for the periodic layering of coats.

Canterbury Floor Polisher

Canterbury Floor PolisherThis high-performance orbital polisher is used to prepare the surface of the floor for the next coat of finish. This process is only to smooth out the roughness in the coating, not the timber.

All in all, different companies will offer a wide array of methodologies and coating systems, but; be best assured that if you choose our services, we will do anything to provide quality results for a long-lasting floor and achieve the home you have always dreamed of!

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